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Home » Fitbit Alta vs Jawbone Up 3: Which Heart Rate Traker is Better?

Fitbit Alta vs Jawbone Up 3: Which Heart Rate Traker is Better?

Fitbit Alta vs Jawbone Up 3

Since the launch of smart fitness trackers, it has become even easier to monitor your physical activities and health. There is a massive range of brands, styles, and technologies to choose from regardless of whether you’re just starting out or training for your marathon.

The two fitness trackers we will be looking at today are very different. We are going to talk about the Fitbit Alta vs Jawbone Up 3. We will consider their design, tracking abilities, and additional features to help with your well-being.

We will begin by looking at the few similarities that fitness trackers have.

Fitbit Alta vs Jawbone Up3 – Similarities

Smart Tracking

Along with their fitness tracking features, the Fitbit Alta and the Jawbone Up 3 both come with smart tracking. This feature will automatically detect different types of activities and record the activity in your log.

Activity Reminders

If have a job that tends to keep you at a desk, the activity reminders of the Fitbit Alta and the Jawbone Up 3 are a good feature. These reminders monitor how long you have been still for and send alerts to tell you it’s time to move.

Battery Life

You will be able to use the Fitbit Alta and the Jawbone Up 3 for up to seven days before needing to recharge the battery.

Side by Side Comparison

Below you will find a comparison chart so you can see the features side by side.

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Now we can turn our attention to what sets the Fitbit Alta and the Jawbone Up 3 apart.

Differences Between Fitbit Alta and Jawbone Up 3


As they are both wearables for the wrist, there isn’t a great difference in their size but there is in design.

Fitbit Alta Review

Fitbit Alta

The Fitbit design is easily recognized. The display measures 1.61 x 0.61 x 1.3 inches and overall, it weighs 0.8 ounces. It comes in black, blue/gray, coral, and fuchsia.

Jawbone Up 3

The dimensions are 8.7 x 0.5 x 0.4 inches, and it weighs 1 ounce. So far, we have only found it in black.

The Winner Is- The Fitbit Alta

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Naturally, the display will allow you to quickly glance at your activity or progress.

Jawbone UP3 compare

Fitbit Alta

The display is an OLED tap display that is easy to read and navigate.

Jawbone Up 3

There is no display. You will have to rely on your smartphone or tablet to see your activity reports.

The Winner Is- The Fitbit Alta

Tracking Features

This is one of the most important features as it will determine exactly how you use your fitness tracker.

Jawbone UP3 review

Fitbit Alta

You can track your heart rate, calories, steps, distance, and active minutes. Advanced sleep monitoring allows you to understand light sleep, deep sleep, and REM.

Jawbone Up 3

This will track your heart rate, respiration rate, galvanic skin response, and advanced sleep patterns like the Fitbit Alta.

The Winner Is- A Tie

Water Resistance

The water rating will confirm if it can be worn when swimming or in the shower.

Fitbit Alta HR

Fitbit Alta

It is not water-resistant, which is a shame.

Jawbone Up 3

The Jawbone Up 3 is water-resistant.

The Winner Is- The Jawbone Up 3

The Straps

Both straps are adjustable, but it might be worth checking your wrist for the right fit.

Jawbone UP3 HR tracking

Fitbit Alta

You can adjust the strap from 6.7 inches to 8.1 inches.

Jawbone Up 3

Here, you can change the strap from 5.5 inches to 7.5 inches.

The Winner Is- A Tie


So you can leave your phone behind when you work out, notifications are very handy.

Fitbit Alta Comparison

Fitbit Alta

The display will notify you of emails, calls, and text messages.

Jawbone Up 3

As there is no display, you won’t be able to receive notifications.

The Winner Is- The Fitbit Alta

Fitness Apps

Both have an app, but they are still different.

Jawbone UP3 comparison

Fitbit Alta

You can track all of your activities on an easy-to-read dashboard. You can also join the Fitbit community where you can share your progress with others.

Jawbone Up 3

From the app, you can set alerts where the fitness tracker vibrates and use the stopwatch. There is also a nutrition tracking feature where you can upload calorie intakes or even scan barcodes to automatically enter the information. It comes with a Smart Coach to help create personalized health tips and goals.

Pros and Cons

Before we decide which of the two fitness trackers is the better buy, here are some pros and cons of each.

Fitbit Alta

Fitbit Alta


  • Sleep tracking provides great insights
  • The app shows a breakdown of the calories are burnt
  • The battery life is great


  • The heart rate is sometimes off

Jawbone Up 3

Jawbone UP3

  • It’s a nice fit
  • There are a good range of metrics
  • The data is accurate


  • The quality is questionable, as is the durability

The Final Verdict

It’s hard to compare the two brands, it’s like comparing a fizzy wine with champagne. We liked the Jawbone Up 3 for the nutrition tracking and felt like it would certainly help with weight loss. It was also comfortable to wear and without the display, it looked more like a wristband than a fitness tracker.

On the other hand, the Fitbit Alta was of much better quality. It’s great that you can see your data on the display and on the app. We found the app had a great number of features to help you plan your activities and create workouts to reach your goals. Though it is more expensive, the durability will make up for this and so we felt that for long term fitness tracking, the Fitbit Alta is the better buy.