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Apple Watch 9 versus Samsung Galaxy Watch 6

Choosing Between Apple Watch 9 and Samsung Galaxy Watch 6: A Quick Guide

Deciding on the right smartwatch can be a challenge, especially with options like the Apple Watch 9 and Samsung Galaxy Watch 6. This guide delves into their design, features, battery life, and more to help you make an informed decision.

Design & Display Insights The visual appeal and functionality of a smartwatch are key. The Apple Watch 9 offers its classic rectangular screen and varied band choices, appealing to a range of styles. The Samsung Galaxy Watch 6, with its round face and multiple strap options, also caters to diverse tastes.

Feature & Performance Analysis Essential to a smartwatch’s value are its features and how well it performs. The Apple Watch 9 and Samsung Galaxy Watch 6 both provide top-notch health tracking, contactless payment, and voice assistance. Notably, the Apple Watch 9 leads in battery longevity and fitness tracking, whereas the Samsung model excels in GPS precision and connectivity.

Battery Life Review A long-lasting battery is crucial for continuous use. The Apple Watch 9’s battery supports its health features and ecosystem integration, while the Samsung Galaxy Watch 6’s battery life bolsters its fitness tracking and wireless charging. The Apple Watch 9 battery lasts up to 18 hours normal use and up to 36 hours in low power mode, whilst the Samsung Galaxy 6 can give you around 40 hours on low power mode.

Health & Fitness Tracking Overview For those focused on wellness, these smartwatches offer extensive health and fitness features. The Apple Watch 9 shines with its health monitoring and ecosystem compatibility, while the Samsung Galaxy Watch 6 stands out with its robust health features and GPS accuracy.

Compatibility & Pricing Considerations When selecting a smartwatch, how it pairs with other devices and its cost are significant. The Apple Watch 9 integrates well with iPhones and offers an attractive price point. The Samsung Galaxy Watch 6 is compatible with multiple operating systems and stands out for its pricing and features, appealing to a broad audience.

Check out this video summary of the differences between both watches…



Apple Watch 9 




  • Health sensors are more accurate and more sensitive
  • Screen brightness has doubled for better outside use
  • Improved battery life now easily lasts a full day
  • Double-tap gesture improves one-handed use


  • No blood pressure tracking yet
  • Valuable HRV data is only used by third party apps
  • Sleep tracking is still better with third party apps
  • Accuracy of Series 9 tracking calls older models into question

Samsung Galaxy Watch 6



  • Bigger, brighter screen than previous model
  • Good app selection
  • Digital bezel for quick scrolling
  • Excellent sleep insights
  • Active skin temperature sensor
  • Reliable automatic workout detection
  • Two case sizes, optional LTE connectivity


  • Large display is likely to consumer more battery power
  • Minor workout heart rate accuracy issues


In conclusion, your choice between the Apple Watch 9 and Samsung Galaxy Watch 6 should reflect your personal needs. Opt for the Apple Watch 9 for its battery life and health features, or choose the Samsung Galaxy Watch 6 for its versatility and range of functionalities