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Toshiba TV Troubleshoot – Basic Troubleshooting for Toshiba Television

Toshiba Television Troubleshoot

Purchase of a new piece of electronic is always stressful due to the possibility of it not living up to its expectations or even worse, not working properly after a short period. This anxiety exists no matter what the budget or investment is. Even prominent brands with potent models at their disposal can have issues occur. Toshiba Television is no exception when it comes to the possibility of issues. However, taking it straight to the repairman may not be necessary. Try some of these options before calling a professional.

Basic Troubleshooting for Toshiba Television

Full check of connection related components

Run a full check on your plugs and outlets. A slew of issues may occur with these, from outlet just outright not working to damaged cables. If you do not notice any problems while checking try using the outlet with a different device you are certain works. In case the outlet doesn’t respond to either television or this device use a different outlet. Cable damage can be at times rectified with duct tape over the damaged part, although if the damage is too deep this will not fix it. Prongs of your cord can also be bent or damaged so make sure they too are properly aligned, parallel to each other, and pointing straight forward.

Toshiba Television

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Screen and audio problems

Check the available settings for your picture and volume. Several customizable options may seem like screen problems, be it a different resolution or color balance. It is possible to accidentally switch these on so make sure none of these are the cause of any changes in picture quality or coloration before proceeding with other fixes.

Full reset option

If other options haven’t been helpful don’t worry, there’s another fix that might just do the trick. A full reset of your settings and configurations. You can do this by pressing the Menu button on the remote or TV, selecting the Setup menu, and then using arrow keys to navigate to the Reset TV option. Once you reach it press Enter to trigger a proper reset. Doing this will fully wipe any personalization you might have done but usually resolves some weird issues.