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Panasonic Viera TV – Basic Troubleshooting for Panasonic Viera TV

Panasonic Viera TV

Television is one of the most prevalent devices people buy nowadays. It can offer education, keep us up to date and entertain us. However, it is still an electric device which means issues can occur. Even if your device was of high-quality problems and defects can happen, either due to manufacturing error or issues that are closely tied to settings you have chosen. Panasonic Viera has decent abilities when troubleshooting such issues is involved.

Basic Troubleshooting for Panasonic Viera TV

First Option

The first thing you should do is turn off the TV, unplug the cable and unplug all peripherals. Dust off all plugs and jacks before plugging the television on. If the issue doesn’t persist start connecting peripherals. In case plugging a peripheral in ends up causing the problem to occur again, the issue may be with the peripheral itself.

Panasonic Viera TV

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Second option

The batteries of your remote may be out so switch them. This is also a good time to check if the battery bay is damaged in any way, like springs being torn or twisted, because this can impact your remote’s functionality. Checking your breaker and the fuse box is also important, a fuse may be blown or damaged and a breaker may be flipped off which both affect the flow of electricity through your house.

Third option

A simple cleaning can sometimes solve the issue or at least prevent future issues from happening, make sure to use proper means of cleaning to avoid potential damage. If you are using an antenna for channel reception make sure it is properly oriented and put at a fitting space, potentially as high up as possible. The roof installed antenna should be facing towards towers.

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Fourth option

In case none of these work you need to call in a professional. No matter whether this means contacting Panasonic professionals or a local television repairman, make sure to contact somebody with the necessary knowledge and experience because the issue may be with defective parts or circuitry. This can also cause further damage to your Panasonic Viera TV so it is a lot more fruitful to act early.