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Home » Stihl ms 211 vs Husqvarna 435: Which Chain Saws are Better?

Stihl ms 211 vs Husqvarna 435: Which Chain Saws are Better?

The chain saw has for quite some time been a fundamental tool for horticultural and forestry specialists. However, it is winding up progressively prominent among typical property holders as well. This is likely somewhat in light of the fact that there is presently a wide scope of simple to-utilize and a reasonable chainsaw for simpler home works. Chainsaw are generally operated using petrol and it has generated significant output.

There are various types of chainsaws available in the market but Husqvarna 435 and Stihl 211 are both incredible, which are 16-inches handheld exclusively utilized tools. Both of these cutting instruments are equivalent in structure and are incredibly profitable and reliable tools. These items have a chain tensioner that can be seen along the edge, which allows clients to alter the saw chain viably with a bar wrench. They are used as greenhouse and lawn tools.

Stihl ms 211 vs Husqvarna 435

Everyone’s experience is different depending on their specific needs and demands. Some simply prefer the torque and low maintenance of a Stihl, while others prefer the hardiness and long operating time of a Husqvarna. The most important factor is that the chainsaw does its job properly and safely. The output is always efficient using a good chainsaw. A good chainsaw is a relative judgment depending on the user but analyzing their features will differentiate one from others.

We’re going to first be discussing how these products differ from one another by noting their significant differences. We’ve got 435 Husqvarna as the first product and we’ve got a STIHL MS 211 as the other for comparison. We’re going to be doing a comparison here to see which ones do the better job. Certainly one is preferable to the other.


A chainsaw is an exceptionally successful and proficient tree and branch cutting tool. It works with a motor, alluded to as a power head. The Stihl chainsaw has an air filtration system that results in low maintenance costs by cleaning the air filter while being powered by a low-emission engine. It essentially takes care of business on schedule. Husqvarna 435 cutting tool is a bit underpowered to truly slice through hardwood trees in the timberland, however, it’ll tidy up your yard quickly. On the off chance that your cutting task at hand isn’t awfully overwhelming, it’s a good chainsaw to consider.

Power matters in most cases you’re working with enormous trees and branches or cutting hardwood timber. The fuel-powered cutting tool is more dominant than an electric model and they are compact, enabling them to be taken into the forested areas. In any case, you should expect good and long-term benefits from acquiring one of these handheld chainsaws. Furthermore, with such huge numbers of alternatives out there, it can be confusing while make the decision on which model to purchase. In order to have satisfactory expectations, features such as power, power source, and capacity of fuel need to be considered.

Stihl chainsaw MS 211


The Husqvarna 435 chain saw is a powerhouse with a motor that’s capable of a maximum power output of 2.2 hp. That’s enough power to cut through hardwood with ease.


It operates with a power of 1700 watts. We tried to test the power of this chainsaw by cutting a significant number of trees. The text affirms the fact that it truly operates with 2.3 horsepower.


The Husqvarna 435 uses a .325″ chain to generate a more powerful yield as a result of less drag. The Husqvarna will always offer a nice cut during use. However, Stihl 211 operates with the power of 1700 watts at 2.3 horsepower which makes it the preferred chainsaw in terms of power.


A chainsaw is known for its ability to cut trees and reshape gardens with endurance and power. The unit is intended for survival in extraordinary climate conditions. This tool has a power-to-weight ratio that influences its efficiency during use. You should ensure that the chainsaw you purchase has the full potential for maximum efficiency and should be as light as possible in terms of weight. Once the weight is not too much, this will reduce the risk of accidents. Additionally, the power to weight ratio implies that you get a lot of muscle from a saw that is still moderately light to carry around the bush. The heaviness of this saw varies from one product to another.

Property holder chainsaws differ incredibly in weight. Little electric models can weigh as less as 6 pounds. While heavier chainsaws are progressively used for specific kinds of work that requires a great deal of medium obligation. Some of these chainsaws include Husqvarna 435 and Stihl Ms 211. You should note that Husqvarna is a Swedish product while Stihl chainsaws are made in Germany.

Husqvarna 435


The Husqvarna 435 chainsaw is perfect for your garden works. It can be handled by both men and women since it is lightweight and simple to move around. With its lightweight back handle, Husqvarna’s 435 is ideal for getting the job done. This job includes cutting woods effortlessly with adequate safety. Husqvarna’s has remarkable features that allow the user to deliver up to 40% less power while starting the engine.


The Stihl Ms 211 is a perfect choice, based on its higher motor limit and power yield. It is simply the strongest chainsaw among others. This product is manufactured with a stronger grade of cutting chain which makes it more durable and allows the engine to work efficiently.

Winner: [HUSQVARNA 435]

This product weighs 9.26 pounds, which makes it more usable by both men and women.

Pros and Cons



  • The guide bar can be changed to at least 13-inch and a limit of 18-inch for greater adaptability.
  • The engine can be started with just a pull and has a button for air purge, which removes excess air from the fuel system.
  • It does not result in excess fatigue after use.
  • The model is eco-accommodating.
  • It has less weight and is simple to utilize.
  • It is well-built and durable.


  • Hard to start the engine when warm.
  • Can be a touch hard to get moving at first.

Stihl 211


  • It adjusts to changes in nature.
  • It’s a top-notch chainsaw with an appropriate top handle.
  • Its features correlate with its expense.
  • It can cut woods easily and is simple to utilize.


  • The chain is feeble and can be difficult to maintain.
  • It’s a significant heavy saw.


You can now see why the Stihl 211 is the most powerful chainsaw on the market. This model has proven itself to be the best out of all others out there. For those of you who make your livelihood in the forest, the Stihl 211 is like a dream come true. This chainsaw is a true powerhouse that is great for loggers and people who love cutting woods and sharping their gardens.