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Home » Home bluetooth speakers : Morel Högtalare vs Klipsch The Three Plus

Home bluetooth speakers : Morel Högtalare vs Klipsch The Three Plus

Which One Should You Choose?

We review two premium bluetooth speakers, looking at design, sound and connectivity.

For audiophiles seeking a refined and natural sound with a touch of Scandinavian design, the Morel Högtalare might be the ideal choice. Its emphasis on clarity and detail makes it perfect for classical music or vocal-centric genres.

On the other hand, if you prefer a more energetic and powerful sound signature with a vintage aesthetic, the Klipsch The Three Plus could be the better fit. The Klipsch speaker is known for its lively performance and deep bass response, making it great for rock or electronic music enthusiasts.

Let’s take a closer look…


Morel Högtalare

Klipsch The Three Plus

ImageMorel Högtalare - The Most Dynamic Wireless Bluetooth HiFi Speaker, Great Hi-Fi Sound, IKEA Compatible (Black Out) : Electronics -
SummaryA more natural and fuller sound, a better all rounder however, it is slightly larger with less features than others in its price range.Big on bass and a higher maximum volume. If you like bass, this is the one for you! It also has a phono input to connect a turntable.
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Design and Build Quality

The Morel Högtalare and Klipsch speakers showcase unique aesthetics and solid construction that enhance the overall appeal of any room.

Morel Högtalare are slightly larger speakers and are known for their exquisite craftsmanship, featuring high-grade materials such as acoustic wicker and aluminum enclosures that not only add a touch of elegance but also contribute to superior sound quality.

On the other hand, Klipsch speakers are smaller but still boast a robust design with real wood veneer finishes that exude a timeless charm. The attention to detail in the construction of both speakers sets them apart, ensuring durability and long-lasting performance.

Sound Quality

The sound quality and bass performance of Morel Högtalare and Klipsch speakers redefine the listening experience, delivering rich, immersive soundscapes that resonate with music enthusiasts and audiophiles alike.

Morel Högtalare speakers are renowned for their impeccable clarity and detailed sound reproduction, capturing every nuance and subtlety of the music. They offer a more even and natural sound, providing a lifelike sonic experience that transports the listener into the heart of the performance.

Klipsch speakers excel in creating powerful, dynamic bass that adds depth and intensity to the listening experience. If it’s important for you to have bass, this is the speaker for you. They are known for their energetic and lively sound profile, making them ideal for genres that thrive on high-energy beats.

Connectivity Options

Both Morel Högtalare and Klipsch The Three Plus offer versatile connectivity options, including seamless wireless capabilities and convenient USB-C ports for easy integration with various devices.

When looking into the wireless capabilities, Morel Högtalare utilizes the latest Bluetooth technology, ensuring a stable and quick connection to smartphones, tablets, and laptops. On the other hand, Klipsch The Three Plus takes it a step further by incorporating Wi-Fi connectivity, allowing for multi-room streaming and voice control through compatible smart home devices. The modern USB-C ports in both speakers not only provide fast charging but also enable high-quality audio transmission for a truly immersive listening experience.

Special Features

From innovative design elements to smart upgrades, Morel Högtalare and Klipsch The Three Plus offer a range of special features that cater to audiophiles and design enthusiasts looking for cutting-edge technology and premium aesthetics.

One standout feature of Morel Högtalare is its groundbreaking Acuflex® soft dome technology, providing unparalleled sound clarity and dispersion.

On the other hand, Klipsch The Three Plus boasts an exquisite handcrafted real wood veneer cabinet, blending classic elegance with modern performance.

Both speakers incorporate advanced connectivity options, such as Bluetooth and Wi-Fi compatibility, ensuring seamless integration with various devices. The attention to detail in the design, from the choice of materials to the placement of drivers, reflects the commitment to delivering an exceptional audio experience.

What’s the verdict?

Morel Högtalare and Klipsch The Three Plus exemplify excellence in home audio solutions, each offering a distinct set of features, sound quality, and design elements that cater to discerning listeners seeking premium sound experiences.

Morel Högtalare stands out with its Scandinavian-inspired minimalist design, while Klipsch The Three Plus impresses with its retro-chic aesthetic. Both speakers prioritize exceptional sound reproduction, delivering rich and immersive audio experiences that resonate with audiophiles and casual listeners alike. Morel’s attention to detail in craftsmanship ensures a sleek and elegant look that complements any modern home decor, while Klipsch’s heritage design pays homage to its classic roots, blending vintage elements with cutting-edge technology.

Some say Kilpsch the speaker doesn’t sound quite as good as the Morel Högtalare in testing, but it has more input from a bass perspective.

The Morel Högtalare produces a more natural and even sound that is more fitting for a wider range of music. However, it has less connectivity options and features compared to other speakers.

Either way, each speaker is crafted with precision and expertise to meet the diverse preferences of music enthusiasts, offering a perfect fusion of style and high-fidelity sound.