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Smart speakers: Amazon Echo 4th Generation vs Sonos Era 100

Are you in the market for a new smart speaker but don’t know whether to go for the Amazon Echo 4th Generation or upgrade to the Sonos Era 100?

Whilst there is a difference in price, how different are they when comparing design, sound quality, voice assistant capabilities, connectivity and compatibility.

Let’s dive in and help you find out if a budget-friendly or high-end speaker is for you…



Amazon Echo 4th Generation

Sonos Era 100

ImageGeorge Robertson Ltd | Sonos ERA100 Smart Speaker with Voice Control - White |
SummaryCost effective. Simple. Effective audio focused speaker with good sound qualitySuperior sound quality. Premium and stylis design. Supports Alexa and Apple Airplay 2 but not Google Assistant
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Design Comparison

Amazon Echo 4th Generation

One of the standout features of the Amazon Echo 4th Generation is its use of premium materials such as high-quality fabric and smooth finishes. The color variations, ranging from subtle neutrals to vibrant hues, allow users to seamlessly integrate the device into their existing decor.

The ergonomic design choices, including touch-sensitive surfaces and strategically placed buttons, prioritize user convenience and accessibility. The gentle curvature of the device not only enhances its visual appeal but also contributes to its overall stability on any surface.

Sonos Era 100

The Sonos Era 100 boasts a sophisticated and minimalist design that seamlessly blends with any home environment, featuring

The build quality of the Sonos Era 100 is top-notch, showcasing meticulous attention to detail and a sturdy construction that ensures durability and longevity.

The touch interface of this speaker system is seamlessly integrated, allowing users to control their music playback and settings with just a gentle tap or swipe, enhancing the overall user-friendliness.

Sound Quality Comparison

Amazon Echo 4th Generation

The Amazon Echo 4th Generation sets a new standard for sound quality with its Dolby Atmos support and spatial audio technology, creating a surround sound experience that fills the room with immersive and crystal-clear audio.

The audio enhancement features of the Amazon Echo 4th Generation go beyond just Dolby Atmos support. The device is equipped with advanced signal processing algorithms that optimize sound quality based on the acoustics of the room. This ensures that every note, beat, and lyric is delivered with precision and depth.

Sound Quality of Sonos Era 100

The Sonos Era 100 excels in sound quality with its stereo pairing functionality, allowing users to create a dynamic and immersive audio setup that delivers rich, room-filling sound with exceptional clarity and depth.

Leveraging advanced acoustics, the Sonos Era 100 is equipped with state-of-the-art drivers that reproduce every note and nuance with precision, making it a top choice for audiophiles seeking unparalleled audio performance. Its innovative Trueplay technology further enhances the listening experience by adapting the audio output to match the unique acoustics of any room, ensuring optimal sound quality in any environment.

When it comes to sound quality, Sonos Era 100 outperforms Amazon Echo 4th generation with its rich and immersive sound, thanks to its powerful speaker drivers and advanced acoustic technology.

Voice Assistant Comparison

Amazon Echo 4th Generation

The Amazon Echo 4th Generation revolutionizes voice interaction with its seamless integration of Alexa, enabling users to effortlessly control smart home devices, stream music, and access a wealth of information through intuitive voice queries.

With Alexa at its core, the Echo 4th Generation boasts advanced voice command features that allow users to set reminders, create shopping lists, and even call friends hands-free. Its AI capabilities continuously learn and adapt to the user’s preferences, providing a more personalized experience over time.

The Echo serves as a central hub for smart home control, allowing users to adjust thermostats, turn on lights, or lock doors with simple voice commands. Its compatibility with a wide range of smart devices makes it an essential tool for creating a connected and efficient living environment.

 Sonos Era 100

The Sonos Era 100 integrates seamlessly with Siri, offering users the convenience of voice-controlled music playback, smart home management, and personalized voice assistant preferences tailored to their individual needs and preferences.

Users can easily set up Siri on their Sonos Era 100 to control music playback with simple voice commands. Whether it’s playing a specific song, creating playlists, or adjusting volume levels, Siri’s intuitive voice recognition technology ensures a seamless user experience.

Connectivity and Compatibility Comparison

Amazon Echo 4th Generation

The Amazon Echo 4th Generation offers seamless connectivity via WiFi and Bluetooth, allowing users to stream music wirelessly, control smart devices, and enjoy a hassle-free setup process for a truly interconnected smart home experience.

When setting up the Amazon Echo 4th Generation, users can easily connect it to their home WiFi network, enabling instant access to a myriad of smart features and services.

With Bluetooth connectivity, it’s simple to pair the Echo with smartphones, tablets, or laptops for versatile streaming options and convenient control.

Once connected, users can manage various smart home devices through the Echo, such as lights, thermostats, and security systems, all with voice commands or the user-friendly Alexa app.

Connectivity of Sonos Era 100

The Sonos Era 100 enhances connectivity with Apple AirPlay 2 support, seamlessly integrating into the Apple ecosystem and providing users with streamlined access to their favorite music, podcasts, and audio content for a cohesive smart home experience.

The Era 100’s compatibility with the Apple ecosystem extends beyond music playback, enabling users to control the speaker using Siri voice commands or through the Apple Home app for added convenience.

This integration with Apple products enhances the overall user experience, making it easy to create a multi-room audio setup with other AirPlay 2-enabled speakers for a truly immersive sound experience.

Which Smart Speaker is the Best?

Determining the best smart speaker between the Amazon Echo 4th Generation and the Sonos Era 100 depends on individual preferences and budget! With the Echo excelling in affordability and smart home integration, while the Sonos stands out for its premium audio quality and ecosystem compatibility.

Regarding sound quality, the Sonos Era 100 outshines the Amazon Echo 4th Generation with its superior audio performance, making it ideal for audiophiles and those who prioritize music experience. On the other hand, the Echo offers a wide range of smart features, such as Alexa integration and seamless connectivity with other smart devices in your home, catering to users looking for a robust smart home setup.

Price-conscious consumers may find the Amazon Echo more appealing due to its budget-friendly pricing, making it a convenient entry point for those new to smart speakers. Conversely, the Sonos Era 100’s higher price point is justified by its exceptional audio capabilities and compatibility with a range of streaming services, making it a solid investment for those placing premium audio performance at the forefront of their buying decision.