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Home » HP Officejet 6500a Troubleshoot – Basic Troubleshooting

HP Officejet 6500a Troubleshoot – Basic Troubleshooting

HP Officejet 6500a Troubleshoot

Problems with printers are a common case in offices across the world. HP Officejet 6500a is one of the more popular models on the market but even it has issues that may occur either due to faulty parts or improper maintenance. To keep your printer functional and resolve any existing issues follow the following suggestions, it is also helpful to download a diagnostics tool.

Basic Troubleshooting for HP Officejet 6500a

Connectivity Issues

The most common problems stem from an improper connection between printer and computer, or printer and a power source. As far as problems between computer and printer go these are usually related to either cord being damaged or the computer’s port not responding properly. In this situation, you should attempt a different port, if available, or try the port out with a different device. If the port works with other devices check the cord for any visible damage. Any cuts, dents, or protrusions may cause the item to become faulty. This is usually best solved by getting a new cord. The issues with power sources usually come from faulty prongs but may be caused by dysfunctional outlets too. Make sure your power prongs are straight and parallel to each other, otherwise they won’t connect firmly with the outlet. The outlet may also be at fault, try using it with another device, and if neither works use a different outlet.

Reset To Factory Settings

To reset your HP Officejet 6500a select the setup option from the printer’s front panel. Then select the Tools option. Here you will find a Restore Factory Defaults option.  Confirm the selection by pressing Yes, this will initiate the process of restoring the printer to factory defaults.

Ink System Failure Fix

This issue may be replaced by the aforementioned factory reset solution but could persist even when a reset has been done. You should attempt cleaning the printhead of the printer Sometimes it may be installed incorrectly or have ink and debris on its contacts. Make sure the power is on and open the ink cartridge access door. Remove the cartridges and the printhead itself. Do not use any water or cleaning products. Instead, hold the printhead on the sides while wiping the electrical contacts with a dry cloth or paper. Do not wipe the ink nozzles located at the bottom, it is the part with the long cuts. If the printhead is still giving you issues it may require a replacement instead.