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Home » HP Envy 4500 Wireless Setup [Newbs Friendly Guide]

HP Envy 4500 Wireless Setup [Newbs Friendly Guide]

HP Envy 4500 Wireless Setup

The utility of wireless printers cannot be overstated. The ability to use them without long cable connections, start them up with phone apps, and perform quick printing from a computer that’s not in the same room but shares a network. To help you through setup we’ve assembled a simple guide for your installing needs, by following it you’ll have it in working order in no time.

HP Envy 4500 Wireless Setup

Locate your printer on the computer

Turn on your printer and computer and confirm all the connections are firmly done. The following step is to add the printer to the list of devices. To do this go to Control Panel and select the Devices and Printer option. Depending on the Control Panel style being used the selection may start with Hardware and Sound before allowing you to select the Devices and printers.

Selecting the corresponding printer

After navigating properly you will be sent to a new window in whose top left corner stands Add a printer button. When you click it the computer will scan for available devices and printers. Locate HP envy 4500 and then proceed to the printer itself.

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Achieve connection on the printer

On the printer’s panel, you will see a Wireless icon, tap it. This will lead you into a Wireless setup wizard that will allow you to connect to the network. Now download and install the printer software to your computer, HP Smart in this case. Perform firmware updates, it should be a quickly detectable option on the app itself. The device has been properly established now. You should be able to enter with any device in the network and do maintenance with the provided software.

In case it doesn’t work

If troubles arise make sure to confirm devices are on the same network and have an internet connection. There could be other issues with your device which you can resolve with troubleshooting suggestions on the official site.