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Home » HP DeskJet 3512 Setup [Newb Friendly Guide]

HP DeskJet 3512 Setup [Newb Friendly Guide]

HP DeskJet 3512 Setup

As far as peripherals go printers, especially those which include other capabilities such as scanning are one of the most prevalent devices we see both at home and in the office. The versatility of these devices is commendable but connectivity can be a bit troublesome at times. As an answer to this, we have wireless connection-capable printers, although the question now shifts to the proper setup of these networks. The following instructions will help you establish your HP DeskJet 3512 as a functional peripheral which utilizes your network to bypass multiple cables you’d otherwise require.

HP DeskJet 3512 Setup

Initial preparation

The first step is properly connecting your printer and router to a power source. The availability of an internet connection is another prerequisite before proceeding with the full setup.

Locating printer on the computer

After these preparations have been finished go to the Control Panel of your computer. Click on Devices and Printers, if you are using the Category display on your control panel click Hardware and Sound before entering the Devices and Printers section. If the next window doesn’t display HP DeskJet the best course of action is to make sure connections are firm and proper before selecting Add a printer option in the top left. Once the printer has been added select your HP DeskJet 3512 printer and choose Wi-Fi Direct. Select further settings and enable the Wi-Fi Direct option. By using Wi-Fi Direct you can interface with more than one device.

Printing from a computer

To print from a wireless-capable computer you will have to enact a wireless setup in the settings of your printer. This can be done by navigating through the settings menu itself and pressing Wireless Setup Wizard. On the computer enable the wireless connection type using Wi-Fi settings and enter a secret code that links the HP DeskJet 3512 printer device with the computer.

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Printing from phone

You can utilize a phone with wireless capabilities to print as well. This option turns your phone into a reliable way of transferring necessary documents in case the computer connection or the computer itself encounters a malfunction. This will require you to have Wi-Fi Direct turned on for both printer and device. Pick a document you wish to print on your phone and select the print option. Then select HP DeskJet 3512 and click OK to commence printing. This way your printing needs will be fulfilled quickly from any device, as long as it has wireless capabilities. To top the setup off downloading official HP software is suggested. This software allows quick firmware updates as well as a resolution to most issues you can run into.