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Home » HP DeskJet 2640 Setup [Newbs Friendly Guide]

HP DeskJet 2640 Setup [Newbs Friendly Guide]

HP DeskJet 2640 Setup

HP DeskJet models are one of the most frequent peripherals to encounter in various settings. Be it office, shop, or other households it is likely an HP product from this line will be found in all of them. This comes to plentiful convenient options and overall quality of the product but a formidable addition to its arsenal is wireless capabilities. This allows you to skip most of the troublesome setup wired connection gives and utilize the peripheral even when the device your documents are stored on is further away. The following instructions will showcase how to setup wireless options of HP DeskJet 2640.

HP DeskJet 2640 Setup


Before commencing proper setup make sure your router and printer have been properly connected to available power sources. The same goes for the device you wish to set up a connection with. Lastly, ensure the latest version of the printer’s drivers is installed, otherwise, issues may occur.

Keeping support software and firmware up-to-date

To maintain up-to-date firmware it is suggested you download official software from HP’s site.

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Establish proper Wi-Fi access for printer

The first step of actual setup is to turn the printer on and press the Wi-Fi button on the access panel. Make sure auto-connect mode is enabled on the printer to establish fast access to it at any time. Wait for a bit and then check if the printer has linked to an available network. The network light should blink steadily if the connection is successful.

Connecting to other devices

As far as computers are concerned you should first ensure an internet connection is available on your computer. From here on it’s a simple matter of connecting the computer to the network printer is in and then locating the printer through Control Panel’s section titled Hardware and Printers. Enter the PIN, which can be found on the printer, to establish a connection between the two and start printing.