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Home » Epson 410 vs 410XL: Which Cartridge Ink is Better?

Epson 410 vs 410XL: Which Cartridge Ink is Better?

Epson 410 vs 410XL

It’s one thing to find the right printer for your needs, it’s another thing to find the right ink. Cartridges are expensive, so you don’t want to make the wrong buying choice. The ink you choose combined with the latest technology will bring photos to life as well as clear text documents.

Epson is obviously a wise choice for printing needs. Today, we will look at the ink cartridges Epson 410 vs 410XL. We will compare their quality, page yield and value for money. Once we have looked at all of the features, we’ll include a comparison chart and some pros and cons before our final verdict.

As the names suggest, the Epson 410 and the Epson 410XL are quite similar, so we will begin here.

Epson 410 vs 410XL – Similarities

Epson Quality Tested

The Epson 410 and the Epson 410XL come with the Epson seal of quality for the ultimate performance. They are testes in Epson labs for color, purity, viscosity, surface tension, and gas chromatography.

Claria Premium Ink

You may have noticed that not all generic cartridges will work in your Epson printer. The Epson 410 and the Epson 410XL have Claria Premium Ink which has been specifically engineered for Epson printers. The black cartridges are pigment inks, so they don’t bleed through the paper and the color cartridges are dye inks.

Epson 410XL Review


Images that are printed using the Epson 410 and the Epson 410XL are smudge and scratch-resistant. The quality of your prints will remain for longer, even up to more than 200 years.

Instant Dry

The moment your photos and documents come out of the printer the Epson 410 and the Epson 410XL ink will be dry. This prevents the frustration of smeared prints and potentially having to reprint your images.

Side by Side Comparison

The following comparison chart will recap the specifications of the Epson 410 and the Epson 410XL.



Epson 410

Epson 410XL

ImageEpson 410Epson 410XL
Epson Quality TestedYesYes
Available PacksBlack, Photo black, Cyan, Magenta, Yellow, C/M/Y/Photo black 4 packBlack, Black photo, Cyan, Magenta, Yellow, pack, C/M/Y/B/Photo black 5 pack
Printer CompatibilityExpression Premium (Small All-in-Ones)- XP-830, XP-7100, XP-530, XP-640, XP-630, XP-645, XP-900, XP-6005Expression Premium (Small All-in-Ones)- XP-830, XP-7100, XP-530, XP-640
Claria Premium InkYesYes
ResistanceSmudge and scratchSmudge and scratch
DurabilityMore than 200 yearsMore than 200 years
Instant DryYesYes
CapacityStandard Capacity- 300 pagesHigh Capacity- 500 pages

The similarities between the Epson 410 and the Epson 410XL end with the quality of the ink. Now we will look at how they differ.

Differences Between Epson 410 and 410XL


The ink cartridge yield is an estimation of the number of pages each cartridge can print.

Epson 410 Review

Epson 410

The standard capacity cartridges can print around 300 pages each.

Epson 410XL

As high-capacity cartridges, the yield is approximately 500 pages each.

The Winner Is- The Epson 410XL

Available Packs

In some cases, you can save a few dollars by buying a pack of cartridges.

Epson 410 Comparison

Epson 410

These cartridges come in black, cyan, magenta, and yellow. You can also buy a pack with all 4 cartridges (3 colors and photo black) and you literally save around $3 but it is also more convenient.

Epson 410XL

The individual cartridges are the same. The pack of 5 does seem to be excellent value for money, with savings of around $25. That is until you open the box and discover that it’s only the black cartridge that is a high capacity, the rest is standard.

The Winner Is- The Epson 410

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Printer Compatibility

These cartridges are compatible with the small all-in-one printers in the Expression Premium range.

Epson 410XL Comparison

Epson 410

You can use these cartridges with the XP-830, XP-7100, XP-530, XP-640, XP-630, XP-645, XP-900, and the XP-6005.

Epson 410XL

The product information shows fewer printers, including the XP-830, XP-7100, XP-530, and XP-640.

The Winner Is- The Epson 410

Pros and Cons

One last thing before making our final decision is the pros and cons of these Epson ink cartridges.

Epson 410


  • Great prints with photos, posters and documents
  • The quality control of the cartridges is also good
  • No clogging with printer heads


  • The ink seems to be used too quickly

Epson 410XL


  • The individual cartridges are much better value
  • Excellent colors with photos
  • They all click into place easily and on the first go


  • Epson definitely has to label the pack more clearly

The Final Verdict

The 410XL 5 pack was almost enough to put us off, but if you take into consideration the quality of the ink and the better value with the individual packs, we decided that it was definitely worth choosing the 410XL cartridges. They are reliable, last for much longer and you still get amazing quality images.