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Epson 273 vs 273XL: Which Cartridge Ink is Better?

It boggles the mind why each company can have so many different types of ink cartridges–and all for such a high price. Generic cartridges used to be a cost-effective solution. But today, many printers won’t recognize them, and they can damage your printer. So, genuine is the way to go.

Epson has plenty of quality ink options, in particular, the Epson 273 and the 273XL. We are going to look at their similarities and differences as well as some pros and cons of both to decide which is the better option.

Let’s begin with what the Epson 273 vs 273XL have in common.

Epson 273 vs 273XL – Similarities

Epson Quality Tested

The Epson 273 and the 273XL have been tested for color, purity, viscosity, surface tension and gas chromatography. The ink passes rigorous testing to ensure quality and top performance.

Claria Ink

The Claria ink used in the Epson 273 and the 273XL is a combination of pigment-based and dye-based. The black ink is pigment-based and produces clear texts and bold documents. The 3 color ink cartridges are dye-based for the vivid glossy photos. It’s not clear how long prints last but Claria ink is advertised as ‘durable’.

Printer Compatibility

You can use the Epson 273 and the 273XL with printers in the Epson Expression Premium range. The multifunction printers that are compatible with these cartridges include the XP-820, XP-810, XP-600, XP-610, XP-800, XP-520 and the XP-620.

Side by Side Comparison

The following comparison chart offers a quick view of the Epson 273 and the Epson 273XL.


Epson 273

Epson 273XL

ImageEpson 273Epson 273XL
Epson Quality TestedYesYes
Available PacksBlack, Black 2 pack, Black Photo, Cyan, Magenta, Yellow, C/M/Y/Photo Black 4 packBlack, Black Photo, Cyan, Magenta, Yellow, pack, C/M/Y/B/ Black Photo 5 pack
Printer CompatibilityExpression Premium- XP-820, XP-810, XP-600, XP-610, XP-800, XP-520, XP-620Expression Premium- XP-820, XP-810, XP-600, XP-610, XP-800, XP-520, XP-620
Claria InkYesYes
ResistanceNot StatedNot Stated
Instant DryNot StatedNot Stated
CapacityStandard CapacityHigh Capacity- XL x2 more prints

There are actually only two differences between the Epson 273 and the Epson 273XL and we will cover these now.

Differences Between Epson 273 and Epson 273XL

Available Packs

These Epson cartridges come in a good range of buying options so you can choose the cartridges you need and even save some money.

Epson 273XL Review

Epson 273

You can find an individual black, a 2-pack black, and an individual black photo cartridge. There are 3 individual colors, cyan, yellow and magenta. Finally, you can buy a pack of 4, which includes the 3 colors and photo black.

Epson 273XL

Here, you will find a black, black photo, cyan, yellow, and magenta in individual packs. There is a pack of 5 with the three colors, black, and black photo.

The Winner Is- A Tie

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The page yield of a cartridge will give a good estimate on how many pages you can print. It will vary on the type of document and the printer model.

Epson 273 comparison

Epson 273

There is no specific number of pages listed. They are standard-sized cartridges.

Epson 273XL

Again, there is no idea of the number of pages, but they are high-capacity cartridges. You will be able to get approximately twice the number of pages as the standard cartridges. All of the cartridges are of better value for money. It’s worth mentioning that the XL pack of 5 only contains a high-capacity black ink cartridge, the rest are standard. Still, it works out cheaper.

The Winner Is- The Epson 273XL

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Pros and Cons

As these two cartridges are so similar, the following pros and cons might be the best way to make the final decision.

Epson 273


  • Good price for genuine Epson ink
  • Nice prints with rich colors
  • They are reliable cartridges


  • Occasional droplets of ink on the paper

Epson 273XL


  • All of them will save you money, even the pack
  • The ink doesn’t dry up if you don’t print for a while
  • Excellent color photos and documents


  • If you aren’t careful when you open them, they can spill

The Final Verdict

We loved the quality of the images that we printed from various printers and on both plain and glossy paper. The texts were generally clear with sharp lines. Photos were bright and rich in color and depth. All of the cartridges were easy to click into place and we had no compatibility issues.

It was a real shame about the tiny drops of ink with the Epson 273 and this wasn’t a frequent problem, still, it caused the odd smear. For this reason, and the better value for money, we decided the Epson 273XL was the better buy.