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Home » Epson 124 vs 125: Which Cartridge Ink is Better?

Epson 124 vs 125: Which Cartridge Ink is Better?

Epson 124 vs 125

While the prices of printers are quite appealing, companies are clever at making up the price with their ink cartridges. It’s common for people to look at generic or recycled ink cartridges to save money but there is a great risk that you damage your printer.

We are going to talk about two original Epson cartridges, the Epson 124 vs 125. We’ll look at their similarities and differences as well as technology and value for money. We will include a comparison chart and some pros and cons for each.

To begin, we are going to see what the Epson 124 and the Epson 125 have in common.

Epson 124 vs 125 – Similarities

Epson Quality Testing

Thanks to the quality testing in Epson labs, the Epson 124 and the Epson 125 are checked for color, purity, viscosity, surface tension, and gas chromatography.

Available Packs

There is a good range of buying options with the Epson 124 and the Epson 125. There are 4 cartridges available, black, cyan, magenta, and yellow. You can also buy a pack of 2 black cartridges, a pack of cyan, magenta, and yellow, or a pack containing the 3 colors and black.

DURABrite Ultra

The Epson 124 and the Epson 125 use microencapsulation technology. Each pigment on ink is coated in a resin. This makes them perfect for double-sided printing because the ink doesn’t bleed through to the other side. They also smudge, water, and fade resistant.

Instant Dry

With instant-dry ink, prints and documents using the Epson 124 and the Epson 125 are dry as quickly as possible, further reducing the chance of any smudges.

Side by Side Comparison

Below, you can find a side-by-side chart to quickly review the features of the Epson 124 and the Epson 125.


Epson 124

Epson 125

ImageEpson 124Epson 125
Manufacturer NumberT124120-ST125120
Epson Quality TestedYesYes
Available PacksBlack, Black 2 pack, Cyan, Magenta, Yellow, C/M/Y 3 pack, C/M/Y/B 4 packBlack, Black 2 pack, Cyan, Magenta, Yellow, C/M/Y 3 pack, C/M/Y/B 4 pack
Printer CompatibilityWorkforce- 320, 325,323, 435, Stylus- NX420, NX127, NX430, NX130, NX125, NX330, NX230Workforce- 320, 325,323, 520, Stylus- NX420, NX127, NX130, NX125,NX230, NX625, NX530
DURABrite UltraYesYes
ResistanceSmudge, water, and fadeSmudge, water, and fade
Instant DryYesYes
CapacityModerate Capacity- 170 pagesStandard Capacity- 230 pages

The similarities all related to the quality of the ink. It’s the differences between the Epson 124 and the Epson 125 that will determine which is the best or even only option for you.

Differences Between Epson 124 and Epson 125


The capacity of an ink cartridge very much reflects on the value for money.

Epson 124 comparison

Epson 124

These cartridges have a moderate capacity. They are designed for low volume printing and can print around 170 pages each.

Epson 125

For approximately $3 more (based on a single pack black cartridge) you can buy a standard capacity cartridge. The yield now goes up to approximately 230 pages.

The Winner Is- The Epson 125

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Printer Compatibility

Depending on your printer model, you may not have a choice between these two Epson cartridges. The comparison chart has a complete list of the current Epson printers, but they may also be compatible with Epson’s discontinued printers.

Epson 125 Comparison

Epson 124

There are 11 Epson printers that are compatible with these cartridges. 7 of these are from the Stylus range and the other 4 are from the Workforce series.

Epson 125

Although there is the same number of Stylus and Workforce printers that will take these cartridges, the model numbers aren’t the same.

The Winner Is- A Tie

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Pros and Cons

Just before we finish up, there are some pros and cons that can help towards the final decision.

Epson 124


  • These cartridges are reliable, even when you don’t print too often
  • Printing quality is good on all different types of paper
  • For the quality of the prints, it’s good value for money


  • It’s upsetting to see that some Epson printers don’t recognize it as a genuine cartridge

Epson 125


  • Simple to click into place
  • Printing quality as expected
  • Better suited to homes with more printing needs


  • In a few cases, the ink seems to have run out a little quickly

The Final Verdict

It’s not an easy decision. The first thing you need to do is consider your printing needs. If it is just a few pages here and there, then you will be better off with the Epson 124. As there was no difference in the quality of the ink, we decided that the Epson 125 was today’s winner. It wasn’t just about saving a few dollars but also about not having to remember to order more ink so frequently.