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iphone vs Android : The Battle of ages

iphone vs android

In all the battles of the brands like Pepsi vs Coke , Ford vs Ferrari etc. iPhone vs android remains the most talked , discussed , debated. And why not , Every single person on the planet is either into Apple Eco-system or Android. These Two Operating systems IOS and Android rule the world.

What I plan to do in this article is talk about pros and Cons of each of these operating system ( Eco-system ) and probably this can help you to get an idea which one is better . This can also help you if you are thinking to change from Iphone to Samsung galaxy phones Or from Acer laptop to Mac. Let’s start with Some History :

History : IOS and Android Operating systems

IOS ( Apple Eco System)

First version of IOS was released in year 2007-08. It was mainly used for iPhone , Later it was moved and used in other Apple products like iPad, Apple Computers and so on.

iphone OS history Topic of iphone vs android


Phone OS

The first version was called Phone OS


Iphone 2.0

Introduction of the App Store


Title, Company

MMS , Voice Memos , Spotlight , Copy-paste


Title, Company

Multitasking , Facetime


Title, Company

Siri , Notification center , Newstand


Title, Company

Passbook , Apple maps , Facebook integration


Title, Company

Frat Design , control center


Title, Company

HealthKit, Homekit, Countinuity


Title, Company

Wallet, News, 3D touch


Title, Company

Home App, TV app, Message apps


Title, Company

ARKit, Screen recording, File management


Title, Company

Notification preview, Notification preview


Title, Company

Emoji , Major release for Airpods


Title, Company

Amazing home screen , widgets , App library


Title, Company

Video Enhancements, Better Facetime calls


Title, Company

Home screen , Deeper intelligence , New personalization’s

Android ( Eco-System )

Android Operating system was built by company named Android, inc in year 2003. Which was later purchased by google in year 2005. Google version of Android OS was first introduced on November 5 , 2007 as a beta version. After a year first commercial version android 1.0 was released with Google pixel phone as hardware.

Android is well known not just for it’s cute OS names like jellybeans , oatmeal cookies but also one of the most popular Mobile OS outside Apple Eco-system.

Hardware companies like Samsung , Xiaomi , Oppo , Vivo , Motorola are all in this android eco-system.

Here is a quick glance on All Android Operating system history :

Android OS history in the topic of iphone vs android



Beta Release of Android OS


Android Commercial

First commercial release Android 1.1


: Android Cupcake

Video Recording , Copy and paste


Android Éclair

Google Search bar, Search SMS , MMS


Android Gingerbread & Honeycomb

Better UI , Supports VoIP , WXGA resolution


Android Jelly Bean

Better UI , Supports VoIP , WXGA resolution


Android Kitkat

ART , Refreshed UI with white elements


Android Lollipop

Supports 64 Bit CPU , Project Volta , Smart lock.


Android Marshmallow

File Manager , App Standby , 4K Display


Android Nougat

Encryption , Zoom , Daydream VR


Android Oreo

Project Trible , Multi-Display , Wi-Fi Assistant


Android Pie

Major UI changes, Rounded Corners , DNS over TLS


Quince Tart

Dynamic depth, Foldable phone UI


Red Velvet cake

Chat Bubbles , 5G APIs , Screen recorder


Snow cone

Easy WI-fi Sharing, Grey Scale, AVIF image


Tiramisu , Upside down cake

Security and UI



Differences – iPhone vs Android Phones

Brand image

Phone is something you will be using in your daily life and if you are someone who prefers to hold something with brand value which one is better?

iPhone ( Apple )

Let’s start with famous quote by apple founder Steve jobs “Quality is better then quantity, One home run is better than Two doubles “.

Apple brand is exactly like that So does its premium product iPhone. It is very well status symbol, and the brand carries the weight. Like it or not there are girls who only want to go out with guys who uses Iphone , No joking but it is true 😊

Android Phones

Android OS has it’s own flows and as it was developed keeping flexibility, open use in mind over the time many players jumped in and started using this mobile operating system like Samsung, Vivo , Motorola etc. These companies are good but they lake in Quality controls and always believed in quantity.

Take an example of Samsung one of the biggest competitors of Apple. Every year they launch more than 14 different models of phones while apple stick with 3-4.

The winner: iPhone (Apple )

Design and Look Compared for iPhone vs android

Brand is important but what about the wow Feeling , Let’s compare Iphone and Android available designs to compare design and look.

iPhone ( Apple )

An Iphone’s design and look can be described by these words . Classy , Simple , Neat and Clean .

Don’t take my words for it. Just look at it’s latest model iPhone 14 .

iphone design


Android Phones :

Now this will be interesting to discuss, Because there are more than 10+ big companies making Android phones You will have time of life to shop through all these different models. Range is huge starting with Google pixel 4 which look and feel like iPhone

Android design

Or you can go with Samsung Galaxy fold series which is total change

samsung foldable phones

Ok. Not into Android Foldable phones? How about Phone which can give birth to mini drone whenever you want to take selfie? Vivo is plan to launch android power Phone which has 200 MP camera drone.

Vivo Phone with drone

Ok. Not good enough? how about a phone which can stretch itself , yes you heard it right ? A screen which can stretch !

stratchable phone by oppo

The Winner: Android

Security and Privacy for Android vs Iphone

If you are kind of person who takes Privacy and security seriously this comparison should be key for you. Let’s start first with iPhone.

iPhone ( Apple )

in 2022 when Apple first announced it’s new update where as a user you can opt out and do not allow Apps like Instagram , Facebook or TikTok to track you . It made a headline. While on one site big Apps companies were furious as they can’t show effective ads to end user , losing millions in ad revenue privacy users were pretty happy as finally they have option to keep their data private.

IOS operating system also takes security pretty seriously and Apple make sure Any APPs deployed on to Apple Store meets those rules.

Android Phones.

While Companies like Samsung, Vivo and Huawei modify the Android OS to  serve their customers. It still lakes seriousness in Security and data privacy .

Android Apps uploaded on Play store easy to get hacked and erroneous.

The Winner : Clearly iPhone ( Apple  )   

Connectivity of the device

We buy phones not just make phone calls now, the use of phones goes beyond. In this section we try to evaluate which Eco-system Apple or Android has better connectivity options and flexibility .

iPhone (Apple)

iphone connectivity

iPhone provide seamless and perfect connectivity with Mac, Ipads, Airpods or anyother apple products which works with IOS. Apple is smart in thinking outside the box and try to bring customer in this Eco-system. You will not have any complains .

Apple provides some of the powerful software like Itunes which can help to answer some of your connectivity Solutions.

Things gets complicated When you try to go out side Apple Eco-system . Let’s say trying earphones from Sony or Transferring files with Samsung phones . It does work but experience will not be seamless .

Android ( Phones )

android connectivity

Google try to encourage developers better than Apple So when it comes to Connectivity of your phone be less assured an Android phone got plenty of options.

There are so many free apps, Software for windows that any connectivity requirements will be easy to meet.

Take an example of Fitbit watches or Garmin watches. These watches allow you to take calls and reply text for Android but they lake these basic options for iPhone!

Any New Apps update always comes in android phones first before it is developed in iPhone. ( most of the cases )

The winner : Android phones 

Pros and Cons

Iphone ( Apple ) 


Iphone Photo with apple logo


  • High Build quality
  • Great camera ( Day and Portrait mode )
  • Very secure
  • Great performance
  • Simple and classic UI
  • Perfect for Apple Eco-system lovers.


  • Expensive.
  • You are locked in the Apple Eco-system.


Android phones


  • High number choices
  • Google friendly ( Maps , Search , Gmail )
  • Lots of Free Apps
  • Good Connectivity to 3rd party devices


  • Easy to get Viruses
  • Battery life varies based on Phone providers


I personally have used android phones for all my life but just last year i have started using Apple , Personally Iphone is a good phone and it’s value for money though it is pricey . If you are kind of person who likes to buy a phone and stick with it for 4-5 years Don’t think just go with Apple. but if you like to try new design and amazing looking Tech , android has plenty of choices to offer. you should check out our home page to know similar comparison.