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TP-Link Troubleshoot – Basic Troubleshooting for TP-Link



No matter the device in our home there’s a possibility they will malfunction. It may be due to a mistake on our part or a problem that occurred by accident. TP-Link’s item provides proper wireless connection enhancement in further away locations. There are plenty of troubles you can run into, sometimes these are connection-related and in other cases, the fault could be with the power source itself. The way to solve some of its issues will be laid out below.

Basic Troubleshooting for TP-Link

Make sure outlets are used and working

The first course of action should be to confirm that your device is connected to a wall outlet rather than a power strip. Power strips can hamper your device’s functionality no matter what the other plugged devices are. In case this doesn’t work try rebooting, unplug your TP-link device and plug them back in, additionally run a check on the outlet to confirm it is still working.

Basic Troubleshooting for TP-Link

Establish proper connections

The biggest source of issues comes from connections. This can be either due to them not being properly connected or the plug itself may be damaged. One of the easiest ways to tell if the connection is solid between the device and port is to keep an eye out for TP-Link’s Ethernet LED. If this light is on and not flickering then the device is properly connected. The situation where the light isn’t turned on or flickers can mean problems with the Ethernet. Try a different Ethernet cable if you note any visible damage, or if the cable is simply not responding.

Establish that internet connection is available

Make sure you have an internet connection at all. The issue may have something to do with your router or ISP rather than TP-Link. To confirm whether or not you have this problem, connect any personal computer directly to the router. If there’s no internet contact your ISP for further details but if there is try resetting your TP-Link device.

Add device to the list of functional devices

You can resolve some issues of devices not interconnecting by downloading tpPLC from the official TP-Link site. After you’ve done this, connect a computer to the device, open tpPLC, and use the Add Device function. Enter its key, sometimes referred to as a password, which is found on the product label. Save it and refresh the app, the device will now be added to tpPLC. This will make your item function properly in the network.