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Logitech G402 vs G102: Which Gaming Mice are Better?

It’s scary to think how long your hand sits on a computer mouse. Regardless of whether that for pleasure and you are enjoying your favorite game, you are a professional gamer, or your work involves hours in front of a computer, it’s necessary for you to think of comfort. But you can’t sacrifice comfort for efficiency. Luckily, Logitech appreciates this.

Although created for gaming in mind, the Logitech G402 and the Logitech G102 have the right features for all uses. Today, we are going to compare all of the features of these two Logitech mouses to choose the best option for you. With the help of a comparison chart and some pros and cons, we will decide which mouse is superior.

Logitech G402 vs G102

There are just a few similarities between the 239B56Logitech G402 vs G102. We will start here.

Logitech G402 vs G102 – Similarities


You can connect the Logitech G402 and the Logitech G102 to any device with a USB port. The full-speed USB connection allows for a 1ms response rate.

Cable Length

The cable that comes with the Logitech G402 and the Logitech G102 is 2.10 meters long. This enables plenty of flexibility between your work/gaming station and screen.


For the price, the Logitech G402 and the Logitech G102 both come with a generous warranty. There is just a slight difference in that the Logitech G402 has a 2-year warranty and the Logitech G102 has a 2-year limited warranty.

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Side By Side Comparison

Below, you can find a side-by-side chart with all of the Logitech G402 and the Logitech G102 specifications.


Logitech G402

Logitech G102

Image Logitech G402 Logitech G102
Size 2.8 x 5.1 x 1.6 inches 2.44 x 4.57 x 1.49 inches
Weight 3.8oz 2.99oz
Color Black Black/White
Buttons 8 programable buttons 6 programable buttons
DPI X 4 240-4,000 DPI X 5 200-8,000 DPI
Connection Full speed USB Full speed USB
Cable Length 2.10m 2.10m
Response Rate 1ms 1ms
Compatibility Windows Windows 7 or later, Mac 10.10 or later, Chrome OS
Design Right-handed Ambidextrous
Sensor Optical sensor combined with Fusion Engine hybrid sensor Gaming-grade
Software Logitech Gaming Software Logitech G Hub
Special Features On-board processor, high-speed clicking, tracking speeds 500+ IPS Lightsync
Warranty 2-year 2-year limited hardware

Aside from these similarities, the Logitech G402 and the Logitech G102 still have plenty of differences.

Differences Between Logitech G402 and Logitech G102


At a first glance, you could say that one mouse was more obviously a gaming mouse and the other is slightly more subtle.

Logitech G402

The mouse is 2.8 x 5.1 x 1.6 inches and weighs 3.8 ounces. It is black with the Logitech symbol with a blue LED.

Logitech G102

It is slightly smaller at 2.44 x 4.57 x 1.49 inches and also weighs that little bit less at 2.99 ounces. The Logitech symbol is also on the top of the mouse. You can buy this mouse in black or white.

The Winner Is- A Tie

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Logitech has done an amazing job at making sure your mouse is completely customizable for your needs, and again, especially for gaming.

Logitech G402

There are 8 buttons in total along with the scroll wheel. Each of the buttons can be programmed with the Logitech software.

Logitech G102

Naturally, the scroll wheel is still there. With this mouse, there are 6 customizable buttons.

The Winner Is- The Logitech G402

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The DPI stands for dots per linear inch and gives you a better idea of the sensitivity of a mouse. Generally speaking, a higher DPI points to a more responsive mouse.

Logitech G402 Review

Logitech G402

The DPI ranges from 240 to 4,000. There are 4 on-the-fly settings to quickly change between your different DPI settings.

Logitech G102

Not only do you have a greater range of 200 to 8000 DPI, but there are also 5 on-the-fly DPI settings.

The Winner Is- The Logitech G102

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There is also some confusion when it comes to compatibility. With a USB connection, you can connect the mouses to any device, but the software isn’t compatible with every operating system.

Logitech G102 buttons

Logitech G402

The software is only compatible with Windows.

Logitech G102

You have a much greater range of software that is compatible with Windows, Mac and Chrome OS.

The Winner Is- The Logitech G102

Mouse Design

Only a small percentage of the population is left-handed, but that’s not to say that they shouldn’t have the same gaming technology.

Logitech G402

This is a right-handed mouse. The design and controls make it difficult for a lefty to use it.

Logitech G102

This is a smooth mouse with a contoured design. It’s great for both left and right-handed players.

The Winner Is- The Logitech G102

Software and Special Features

Numbers only go so far. The software and additional features that come with a mouse will make a difference to your overall experience.

Logitech G102 review

Logitech G402

You can download the Logitech Gaming Software, the older version of the Logitech G Hub software. You also have an onboard 32-bit ARM processor, high-speed clicking and tracking speeds of over 500 IPS, making it smarter and faster than ever.

Logitech G102

Although it does come with the newer Logitech G Hub software, the only additional feature is the Lightsync RGB. You can use the software to program compatible Logitech devices to have the same color effects out of 16.8 million colors.

The Winner Is- The Logitech G402

Pros and Cons

Finally, we will look at some pros and cons of the Logitech G402 and the Logitech G102.

Logitech G402


  • A quality built designed to last
  • Fast response on various surfaces
  • Comfortable design for long gaming sessions


  • If you are a Logitech fan, you might miss the Lightsync feature

Logitech G102


  • Nice grip on the scroll wheel
  • Super smart and subtle design
  • It’s quite a bit cheaper


  • The cable doesn’t feel as strong, would be nice if it were braided

The Final Verdict

The Logitech G102 has the advantage of the greater DPI range and one more on-the-fly setting. The Lightsync feature is pretty funky but in the middle of an intense game, are you really going to be concerned if your devices all have matching lights? Don’t get us wrong, we love the feature, but it wasn’t enough to beat the Logitech G402. Known as the Hyperion Fury gaming mouse, the speed, accuracy and extra customizable buttons for a very similar price make this mouse the overall winner.


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