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Home » Wen 56200i vs Wen 56202i: Portable Inverter Generators are Better?

Wen 56200i vs Wen 56202i: Portable Inverter Generators are Better?

Wen 56200i vs Wen 56202i

Think of all the times and all the activities that would be easier and more enjoyable if you had power. From DIY to camping, a powered portable inverter generator can conveniently solve many problems.

We are going to compare two of the Wen portable generators, the Wen 56200i vs 56202i. We will look at a range of their specifications from design to power, noise level and value for money. After we include a side-by-side chart and some pros and cons, we will decide which is the better portable generator.

There are a few similarities between the Wen 56200i and the Wen 56202i. We will start with these features.

Wen 56200i vs Wen 56202i – Similarities

Quick Glance

The following comparison chart will help to review the specifications of the Wen 56200i and the Wen 56202i.


Wen 56200i

Wen 56202i

ImageWEN 56200iWen 56202i
Size18 x 11 x 18 inches18.7 x 12.4 x 18.7 inches
WattageRated-2000W, Surge-1600WRated-2000W, Surge-1700W
Engine 4-stroke, 79.7cc, single-cylinder, forced air cooling system4 stroke, 79cc, single-cylinder, forced air cooling system
Engine SpeedNot Stated4350 RPM
Eco Mode YesYes
Run TimeHalf load- 6 hoursHalf load 7- hours
ConnectionsX1 12V DC Cigarette plug, X2 AC NEMA 5-20, X1 5V USB socketsX1 12V DC Cigarette plug, X2 AC NEMA 5-20, X2 5V USB sockets
LED IndicatorsPower, overload, low oil levelPower, overload, low oil level
Fuel Tank Capacity1 gallon1 gallon
Noise Rating51dB at 22 feet58dB at 22 feet
Parallel Kit CompatibleYesYes
Warranty2 years2 years

Engine Type

The engines of the Wen 56200i and the Wen 56202i are 4-stroke single-cylinder engines. They have a forced air-cooling system. The Wen 56200i is a 79.7 cc engine and the Wen 56202i a 79cc engine, not enough of a difference to impact the decision.

Eco Mode

On Eco Mode, the Wen 56200i and the Wen 56202i are quieter and you can take advantage of better fuel consumption.

LED Indicators

There are three LED lights on the Wen 56200i and the Wen 56202i. These lights will indicate when the power is on, overload and low fuel indicators.

Fuel Tank Capacity

The fuel tanks have a capacity of 1 gallon.

Parallel Generators

Both the Wen 56200i and the Wen 56202i are compatible with the Wen Parallel Kit. If you need added power, you can run two generators simultaneously.

There are still a good number of differences between the Wen 56200i and the Wen 56202i. We will move on to those now.

Differences Between Wen 56200i vs Wen 56202i


The portable generators are black with orange features. They both have a large carry handle on the top for easy transportation.

WEN 56200i generator

Wen 56200i

The generator measures 18 x 11 x 18 inches and weighs 48 pounds. It has a more modern design.

Wen 56202i

The size is fairly similar at 18.7 x 12.4 x 18.7 inches, but it does weigh significantly less at 28.6 pounds.

The Winner Is- A Tie


This is quite possibly one of the more important specifics as it will determine the power available.

Wen 56202i review

Wen 56200i

It is rated at 2000W with a surge rating of 1600W.

Wen 56202i

The rating is the same 2000W, but the surge rating is higher at 1700W

The Winner Is- The Wen 56202i

Engine Speed

The speed of the engines is measured in revolutions per minute.

Wen 56202i generator

Wen 56200i

There is no product information regarding the revolutions per minute.

Wen 56202i

The RPM is 4350.

The Winner Is- The Wen 56202i

Run time

The run time has been calculated based on half-load use and may vary depending on the devices connected.

Wen 56202i comparison

Wen 56200i

The run time is approximately 6 hours.

Wen 56202i

You get a greater run time of approximately 7 hours.


Another important feature, you want to know that you have enough outlets to connect your devices.

WEN 56200i comparison

Wen 56200i

There is a DC 12V cigarette plug, two AC NEMA 5-20 outlets and a 5V USB socket.

Wen 56202i

The connections are all the same, but you have an additional USB outlet.

The Winner Is- The Wen 56202i

Value for Money

These portable generators are well-priced for both the brand Wen and compared with other brands.

WEN 56200i review

Wen 56200i

It’s the cheaper of the two portable generators and you might be able to save around $80. It comes with a 2-year warranty.

Wen 56202i

Although it is more expensive, you do get the same 2-year warranty.

The Winner Is- The Wen 56200i

Pros and Cons

We will now look at some pros and cons of the Wen 56200i and the Wen 56202i to further help our decision.

Wen 56200i


  • The choke knob is easy to use
  • It’s very quiet when you switch to Eco Mode
  • It’s a hard worker, can handle hours of daily use


  • The overload is a little sensitive

Wen 56202i


  • It is still very quiet to run
  • It’s a better choice for transportation
  • It has a spark arrestor so it’s safe to use in wooded areas


  • There is no fuel gauge on the top of the generator, you have to rely on the LED indicator

The Final Verdict

One thing you need to remember with the Wen 56200i and the Wen 56202i is that you shouldn’t leave fuel in the generators if you aren’t going to use them for a while. Doing so can lead to damaging the carburetor. For maximum performance, it is also advisable to follow the maintenance instructions included in the manual.

Today’s overall winner was the Wen 56202i. It was a little more expensive and possibly a little louder but there were enough advantages to overlook this. First off, you have a higher surge rating and more power. Next, you have a longer run time and finally, there is the additional USB outlet. There was nothing wrong with the Wen 56200i and it will do exactly as advertised, but the Wen 56202i is better.