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Sony vs Bose Headphones : Which is the best overall?

Sony vs bose headphones

In today’s world, many headphone brands are in the market, but Sony and Bose headphones have been the market leaders for years. Let’s take a look at the most important factors like sound quality, design and the pros, cons of each in order to decide on a winning headphone brand. In the end, we’ll be able to say with confidence who wins out between Sony and Bose.

We are going to draw a comparison between Sony vs Bose headphones.  We will go over their design, sound quality, and other special features. To decide which headphone is better.

Let’s start with how the Sony vs Bose headphones are similar.

Sony vs Bose headphones – Similarities





From $349

From $329




Battery life

Up to 30 hours

Up to 24 hours

Noise cancellation



Sound quality



Bluetooth version



Codecs supported


SBC, AAC, aptX, aptX HD




Foldable design



Active voice cancellation



Touch controls



Now let’s dive into model specific comparison to do that let’s pick up 1 famous model from both for sony we choose WH-1000XM4 which cost around 250 USD and From bose we pick up Bose QuietComfort 45.


Sony Headphones


Bose Headphones

(Bose QuietComfort 45)

ImageAll Technical specifications of Sony HeadphonesAll Technical specifications of Bose Headphones
Dimensions3.4 x 2.7 x 1.6 inches3.4 x 5.3 x 1.8
Weight254g/8.99 oz254g/8.99 oz
Microphone & controls:Built-inBuilt-in
Bluetooth codecsSBC, AAC, LDACSBC, AAC
Active noise-cancellationYesYes
Charging cableUSB-CUSB-C
Charge Time3h full charge – 10min for 5h2.5h full charge – 15min for 3.5h
Wireless range33ft (10m)33ft (10m)
Microphone & controlsBuilt-inBuilt-in
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Both Sony vs Bose headphones are premium-made headphones, but Bose takes it a bit further. None of them are cheap and easily breakable. While Sony’s are made from high-quality plastic that is rubberized and feels soft to the touch. Sony even gives you the confidence you’re wearing something exquisite.

Sound Quality

The other most important thing to consider is overall sound quality. This is a highly arguable topic where Bose is concerned, as the company notoriously does not disclose hard facts about the quality of its sound.

Sony has far more economical options than Bose, you must know that these lower-priced options also sound less high-quality than the more expensive Bose headphones. Although, when we look at Sony products, it’s clear that the sound is ever so slightly superior to Bose.

Bluetooth Connectivity

If we talk about connectivity, both headphones provide a good Bluetooth connection with zero-lag video playback and multipoint support. Compared to Sony, Bose is just a little bit light on Bluetooth audio codecs. You can easily connect your smartphones, tablets, laptops, and other Bluetooth devices to Sony And Bose headphones. Although both headphones are equipped with Bluetooth 5.0.

We have done a detail comparison on sony’s headphones which you can find here.

Comfort & Fit

Both of these Sony vs Bose headphones are designed with comfort in mind, but Sony did a few exceptional changes to their headphones, which results in a more comfortable experience over extended listening sessions. The difference between Sony and Bose headphones is much more negligible. Although, both feel exceptionally well, even after a few hours of use.

If you tend to use headphones on longer rides or flights, then Sony headphones would be the perfect choice for you. While the clamping force of both brands’ headphones is the same. Sony vs Bose headphones will offer good stability so that they don’t fall off your head if you need to catch a bus or quickly run downstairs.

Noise Cancellation

There are very few differences between Sony and Bose headphones when it comes to eliminating noise. Although, if you also like to call people, Bose takes the crown.

There are not that many reasons to use one over the other if you’re looking strictly for active noise-cancellation performance. Both headphones do an exceptional job of drowning out your surroundings.

If we draw a comparison, then Bose’s headphones are much more capable of canceling out background noise and even maintaining your voice clear & understandable. While on the other hand, Sony also does an excellent job of maintaining voice clarity, but it can’t eliminate as much background noise. Therefore, if you’re looking for something to enjoy the silence on your travel, both headphones perform well. But if you also want to take phone calls, Bose headphones would be a superb choice.


Bose headphones can hold up to 20 hours of battery with the ANC enabled. That is still a good battery time, but many other brands can perform exceptionally well when it comes to simultaneously eliminating noise and playing music.

While on the other side, Sony headphones give around 50% more battery on a single charge than Bose. Even they can last up to 28 hours (30 hours advertised), resulting in an extra day or two of use, depending on your usage.

Another area where Sony headphones have an edge over Bose is the quick charging.

Differences Between Sony headphones and Bose headphones

Microphone functionality

If we talk about microphone functionality, both headphones performed well. However, there is one whose microphone functionality is comparatively good as compared to others.

Sony Headphones

Sony headphones are equipped with 5 microphones. The Quality of microphones in general slightly lags compared to Bose headphones.

Bose Headphones

Bose headphones are equipped with 8 microphones and during audio calls of game play they perform exceptionally well.

The Winner Is- Bose Headphones

Bluetooth Range

Sony Headphones

The Bluetooth range for the Sony headphones is about 33ft (10m). This means that Sony headphones can maintain a stable Bluetooth connection with a device within a distance of up to 33 feet (10 meters).

Bose Headphones

The Bluetooth range for the Bose headphones is about 33ft (10m).  This means that Bose headphones can maintain a stable Bluetooth connection with a device within a distance of up to 33 feet (10 meters).

Both Are Winners

Battery Life

Now you can enjoy your favorite music for hours with these headphones, but one will last a little longer than the other.

Sony Headphones

Sony headphones will provide almost double play time and a battery life is around 38 hours.

Bose Headphones

Sony headphones will provide a battery life of 20 hours. One of the well known bose headphone model is 700 series which deliveries amazing battery life.


The Winner Is- Sony Headphones

Build and Design

This Section is for someone who likes to understand every bit of build quality before choosing the best headphone.

Explaining Detailed design and build quality for Sony And Bose Headphones

Sony Headphones

When it comes to the overall design of the Sony headphones, you can tell by just looking at them.  After all, these are premium headphones, so the build quality is definitely outstanding.

Sony headphones are specially designed for people who are on the go. Even these headphones feature plush leather and soft lines that offer a more business-style look. While on the other hand, its soft memory foam padding makes these headphones a comfortable and snug fit.

Bose Headphones

The Bose headphones are durable and light in weight.  You can even use these headphones for hours and as far as overall design is concerned, the Bose headphones have a slight edge over the Sony.  If you are looking for extremely comfortable headphones, then Bose headphones would be a superb choice.

The Winner Is- Bose Headphones 

Pros and Cons

Just a few pros and cons of the Sony headphones and the Bose headphones will help towards our final decision.

Sony Headphones

Advantages and disadvantages of Sony Headphones


  • Deeper Bass
  • 30 hours of battery life
  • Solid Design


  • No IP rating

Bose Headphones

Advantages and disadvantages of Bose Headphones


  • Gorgeous design
  • Excellent active noise-canceling technology
  • Responsive touch controls


  • Doesn’t support high-quality codecs

The Final Verdict

While both headphones are durable and good in performance, we like Bose headphones as these are modern-looking headphones and have overall the best ANC performance. Both headphones are worth buying, but for us, the clear winner here is Bose Headphones.