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ST58 vs ST19 complete buying guide

St19 vs st58 complete guide

Both ST58 and ST19 are the Edison light bulbs. ST stands for straight-Tubular . It represent the shape of these light clubs. Numbers in the bulb name represent the size of the bulb. Let’s understand more on ST58 vs ST19 sizes .

Photo Showing All types of ST light bulbs . Highlighting ST58 and ST19 light bulb shape

Shape Guide for All types of Light bulbs

ST19 Light bulb

ST19 follows the standard measurement approach to decide the naming .ST stands for straight-Tubular shape of the light bulb.

ST19 bulb: 19/8 = 2-3/8″ inch diameter. ( name is based on standard measurement- inch )

These Edison light bulb is 19th eighth of an inch. In another word 2-3/8″ at its widest part .

ST19 light bulbs are quite similar to St60 light bulb ( which used matric system to come up with number 60 )

ST60 Bulb: 60 millimeters diameter.

Note : 60 millimeters, roughly equivalent to 2 3/8 inches. So and ST19 is the same size bulb as an ST60.

ST58 Light bulb

if you see the number is quite high which means genius person who come up with the naming must have used matric system. Same as previous light bulb ST stands for straight-Tubular shape. if we use same formula.

ST58 bulb: 58 millimeters diameter.

Which will come very close to ST18 number.

ST18 bulb : 18/8 = 2-2/8″ inch diameter ( naming convention used standard )

which means ST18 light bulb is similar to ST58 Edison bulb.

Key Difference between ST58 vs ST19

Diameter is the key difference between ST19  and ST58 straight-Tubular shaped light bulbs.

Naming conversion and size guide for light bulbs


Standard Naming system

Metric Naming system

Size of the light bulb

ST18 ST58 2.17 inches / 58mm
St19 ST60 2.36 inches/ 60mm
ST21 ST64 2.51 inches/ 64mm
G30 G95 3.75 inches / 95mm
G40 G125 4.91 inches/ 125mm
A19 A60 2.36 inches/ 60mm
A21 A67 2.68 inches/ 67mm
A23 A70 2.75 inches/ 70mm
T14 T45 1.77 inches/ 45mm


ST58 vs ST19 – Side by Side Comparison




Image St19 LED Edison bulb showing its shape and internal structure St58 LED Edison bulb showing its shape and internal structure
Height 5.38 inches 4.31 inches
Width 2.36 ( Widest point ) 2.28 inches ( Widest point )
Average Brightness 800 lm 700 lm
Average Watts 7W 7W
Bulb base E26 E26
Incandescent Equivalent 60W 60W

If you notice both ST19 and ST58 looks quite similar with Tubular shape , Only difference is the width of the light bulb. St19 is bigger in width .The difference is very small like 2 millimeters or 0.1 inches.

Depending on the brand you pick up for ST19 or ST58 you will have different powers, colors or  brightness.

Note: While ST19 has the widest point width is 2.36 depending on manufacture this size would very, So before you buy make sure you check the width .