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Home » BR30 vs R30 Light Bulbs: What is the Difference?

BR30 vs R30 Light Bulbs: What is the Difference?

BR30 vs R30 Light Bulbs

Do you ever look at your kitchen and feel that you just don’t have enough light? Or maybe your living room is a little too bright instead of the warm cozy feeling you want? It might be a case of just screwing in a lightbulb. But which bulb you choose can have a great impact on your energy consumption.

The BR30 and the R30 are perfect examples. Both have an E26 screw-in base. They are the same size and can be used for general lighting in homes and offices. So, between lumens, Klein, and wattage, which one is better?

The following comparison chart takes a look at some of the general specifics between the BR30 and the R30. Remember that different brands will have slightly different ratings. We will look at one brand, in particular, a little later.

BR30 vs R30 Light Bulbs – Side by Side




ImageBr30 LedlightR30 Led bulb
Height5.03 inches5.03 inches
Width3.74 inches3.74 inches
Average Brightness800-1100lm900-1100lm
Average Watts9W11W
Incandescent Equivalent65W75W

The BR30 and the R30 are the same sizes, represented by the number 30. They are most commonly used in floodlights. They will fit in a 5” recessed can with a little space around the rim and in 6” cans. The difference in the design is that the BR30 is a bulging reflector whereas the R30 is just a reflector, meaning the BR30 has an additional reflector.

R30 Led bulb comparison

The main difference is consumption. The BR30s are newer than the R30s. They have been made to consume less energy, approximately 2 or 3 watts less. It doesn’t sound much, but you will soon see the savings over the lifespan of the light bulb. The additional watts mean that the R30 may have a higher lumen, but as they are both compatible with dimmer switches, you can adjust the brightness.

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BR30s and R30s on the Market Today

Today, we will compare the BR30 and the R30 from G E Lighting to get a precise understanding of how these LED bulbs can differ.

The G E Lighting BR30

This lightbulb uses just 8W of electricity and is the equivalent of a 65W incandescent bulb, 700lm. The bulbs are dimmable but more importantly, they are from the HD Light Series, providing a cool light that enhances colors. It has a great lifespan of over 13 years based on an average of 3 hours a day. Each bulb has an unbelievable annual cost of approximately $0.96

BR30 Review

The G E Lighting R30

It is rated as a 10W light bulb, so still the equivalent of a 65W incandescent light bulb. The lumens are slightly lower than expected at 650lm, but again, they are dimmable. The lifespan is the same, 13.7 years based on 3 hours a day of use. The annual cost is slightly higher at $1.02 per year.

The Final Verdict

In the case of G E Lighting, the decision came down to price and value for money. It’s best to buy the light bulbs in packs for better savings. The BR30 works out to be about $0.50 more expensive per bulb but you will get this back with the savings on consumption and the quality of the light is better. We felt the BR30 was the better bulb.