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Home » BR30 vs PAR38 LED Lightbulbs: What is the Difference?

BR30 vs PAR38 LED Lightbulbs: What is the Difference?

BR30 vs PAR38

With the rising costs of utility bills plus the urgency to help the planet, LED lightbulbs are the smartest switch to make in your home and office. That being said, there is such a variety to choose from, you may need some information on the different types. Today, we will turn our attention to the BR30 and the PAR38.

The letters of a lightbulb refer to the shape. The BR stands for bulged reflector whereas PAR (Parabolic Aluminized Reflector) bulbs are slightly flatter. This doesn’t change the energy consumption or even the brightness of the light. It determines the focus of the light. The other significance is the size of the bulbs. The BR30 has a smaller diameter. The chart below contains the specifications of the BR30 and the PAR38.

BR30 vs PAR38 – Side by Side





ImagesBr30 LedlightPar38 Led Bulb
Height5.03 inches5.22 inches
Width3.74 inches4.72 inches
Average Brightness800-1100lm1200-1400lm
Average Watts9W15W
Incandescent Equivalent65W75W

With regards to size, the width of the BR30 will fit into a 4” can and a 6” can. The PAR30 has a diameter of more than 4 inches, so it can only be used in 6” cans. The PAR38 also has a higher wattage and lumen, providing a brighter light. There are exceptions, but the average brightness of the BR30 is between 800 and 1100lm, while the PAR38 is 1200 to 1400lm. The average wattage of the BR30 is 9W with an incandescent equivalent of 65W. The PAR38 uses an average of 15W, like a 75W traditional lightbulb.

Par38 Led Bulb Comparison

It’s the uses that differ the most. The BR30 is better for indoor use in homes and offices. It offers general lighting with around a 110º beam angle. PAR38 is more of a spotlight. A narrow spot has a beam angle of less than 10º going up to over 50º with the wide flood bulb.

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BR30 and PAR38s on the Market Today

For an accurate comparison, we looked at the Philips BR30 and the Philips PAR38.

The Philips BR30

The Philips BR30 is an 11W LED bulb with 650lm. It is a 2700K lightbulb which gives off a soft white light. The lifespan is over 10,000 hours, so great savings here. It is a dimmable light and is flicker-free. For the best value, you can buy packs of 6 or 8.

BR30 Review

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The Philips PAR38

This bulb is 11W with a 90W equivalent. They have a 25º beam angle and 5000K, much like daylight. Like the BR30, the lifespan is over 10,000 hours, so they are extremely durable. Philips has PAR38 dimmable lights, but they are more expensive, and the non-dimmable bulbs are already more expensive. You can buy this bulb in a pack of 2.

The Final Verdict

Taking into account the size difference, you need to choose a bulb that matches your needs. If you have 6” cans, the PAR38 is your choice. If you are going for outdoor use, security lights, or you need a spotlight, the PAR38 is also more suitable. The PAR 38 might be more suitable for kitchens, but for relaxing areas in the home, the BR40 is perfect.