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Home » BR30 vs BR40 LED Lightbulbs – What is the Difference?

BR30 vs BR40 LED Lightbulbs – What is the Difference?

BR30 vs BR40 LED Lightbulbs - What is the Difference

Even when you have decided to replace old bulbs with LED lighting, there is still a large selection of lightbulbs to choose from. We are going to look at the BR30 vs BR40 to decide which meets your specific needs.

BR refers to the shape of the bulb. A bulged reflector shape is good for general lighting in homes and offices because it spreads the light evenly across space. As they are LED lights, they might be more expensive initially, but the general rule is they will have paid for themselves within a year or two. They have much longer lifespans compared with incandescent light bulbs, and they use less energy.

The main difference between the BR30 and the BR40 is the size. This then has a knock-on effect with the spread of the light. Let’s take a quick look at their specifications.

BR30 vs BR40 LED Lightbulbs – Side by Side




 Image Br30 Ledlight BR40 Ledlight
Height 5.03 inches 5.59 inches
Width 3.74 inches 4.75 inches
Average Brightness 800-1100lm 1200-1400lm
Average Watts 9W 15W
Incandescent Equivalent 65W 75W

The BR30 and the BR40 are both screw-in lightbulbs (compared with the MRs that have two pins). The size difference is only with the lightbulb itself. If you are using these bulbs in ceiling cans, the BR40 is going to take up more space in the can whereas the BR30 will sit in the cup a little deeper. Bearing in mind, if you have 4-inch cans, your only option is the BR30.

BR40 Comparison

Generally speaking, the BR40s have a higher wattage, they will be brighter. Although the beam angle can often be the same, because of the wider surface area on the BR40, the spread of light will be larger. If you have low ceilings, the BR30 will be more suitable. If you are looking for dimmable lights, the B30 is recommended.

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BR30s and BR40s on the Market Today

Although LED lights are more expensive, it is best not to go for the cheaper brands. Read the package carefully because low-cost brands may not have the same lifespan as better-known brands. We looked at the Philips BR30 and the Philips BR40.

BR30 Review

Philips BR30

You can choose from a pack of 8 or a pack of 12. They are 11W lightbulbs with 650lm. The average lifespan is 10,950 hours. The beam angle of the Philips B30 is 110º. At 2700K, they provide a soft white light. These LED bulbs are perfect for flicker-free dimming.

Philips BR40

This pack of 6 is slightly more expensive but uses just 8.9W of energy. It has 800lm and 5000k, so a crisper, brighter light at a 90% beam angle. The average lifespan is 15,000 hours. As well as being dimmable, they have CRI 90. CRI of close to 100 is going to make colors more vibrant.

BR40 review

The Final Verdict

Per bulb, the Philips BR40 is approximately $2 more expensive than the Philips BR30. We felt it was worth it for the brighter light, enhanced colors, and longer lifespan. The beam angle is less on paper but remember that the spread of light will be wider because of the larger surface area.