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Home » BR30 vs BR20 LED Lightbulbs – What is the Difference?

BR30 vs BR20 LED Lightbulbs – What is the Difference?

BR30 vs BR20 LED Light Bulbs

For anyone who isn’t a lightbulb expert, our main concern is getting one with the right size base to go with our fittings. The letters and numbers don’t really mean a great deal to us. Nevertheless, understanding the difference between the BR30 and the BR20 could save a return trip to the store.

First of all, the letters. BR stands for a bulged reflector. Unlike the traditional pear-shaped lightbulb, the BRs have a more bulged body and a curved top. Both the BR30 and the BR20 are good for spotlights. Generally speaking, they have a wider beam angle than other LED lights like the Pars and MRs.

There is one concrete difference between the BR30 and the BR20 and that is the size. The comparison chart below has the specifics.

BR30 vs BR20 – Side by Side




ImageBR20 Led BulbBR20 Led Bulb
Height5.03 inches3.62 inches
Width3.74 inches2.6 inches
Average Brightness800-1100lm500-700lm
Average Watts9W7W
Incandescent Equivalent65W40W

The BR30 is the larger lightbulb. If you have spotlights in your ceilings, you will need to check the size to determine the best one for your home or office. If your cans are only 4”, the BR20 is your only option. There is quite a difference in the height, you wouldn’t want the bulb to be protruding too far out of the ceiling. The BR20 will fit in 4” and 6” cans but may look a little lost in a 6” can— that’s a personal choice.

BR20 Led Bulb review

The BR30 and the BR20 come with different power ratings but the BR30s tend to have a higher wattage. With this, you are more likely to get have more brightness with the BR30s. Both the BR30 and the BR20 come with different Klein ratings, so you can choose between warmer light or cooler light. Many brands also have dimmable BR30 and BR20 lightbulbs.

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BR30s and BR20s on the Market Today

We will compare the Sunco BR30 and the Sunco BR20 to get a more accurate understanding of the differences.

The Sunco BR30

You can choose from 2,700K, 3,000K, 4,000K, 5,000K, and 6,000K. The BR30 is an 11W bulb, like a 65W incandescent bulb. It has 850lm and a 110º beam angle. It is a dimmable light with no flickering. It has an impressive 25,000 average lifespan and a 5-year warranty.

BR30 Review

The Sunco BR20

The Sunco BR20s come in a pack of 6 or 10. There are also 5 options from 2,700K to 6,000K. It’s a 7W lightbulb and it’s the equivalent of a 50W incandescent lightbulb. The brightness is 550lm and it provides a beam angle of 110º. The lifespan and warranty are the same.

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The Final Verdict

If you have 4” cans the BR20 is your only option. For 5” and 6” cans, the BR30 is a better design choice. With regards to price and value, there is perhaps a dollar’s difference, so not enough to base your decision on. You can dim them both and neither flicker. Because they are dimmable the additional brightness of the BR30 is also made relevant. So, your decision should be based on the size of your fittings.